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Did I hear that right?

I was talking with a friend and somehow we got on the topic of our pets.   I’m a dog person and she’s a cat’s meow, but still I gave her the chance to blow off some steam.   It turns out that her cat has a bladder infection.   She said that it was so bad that the poor little thing couldn’t clean itself after going to the bathroom.    I said, “Really?”   To that she replied, “Oh yeah.   So I cleaned him.”   For the next few seconds all I could think about was how she gets the hair off her tongue…

Keeping it real.   J/W


The Best New Horror Series on Television… and the winner is

If you haven’t seen it yet – you should.   I’m talking about the Sundance series ‘The Returned’.   If you’re tire of any of the following in a horror series:

1) Twenty-something models playing high school kids

2) Shows where just about every dam character is either a vampire, wolf, ghost, witch or zombie

3) Terrible scripts with forced action that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever

4) Shows where the kids are somehow wiser and more intelligent that their parental counterparts

5) etc…

…then you love ‘The Returned’.    Why is it that we (USA) have such a hard time producing a realistic and believable horror show?   Shows where kids are kids – not perfect, stylish symbols of what will never be, but real life, kids with the imperfections that we can all identify with.   Why is it that our shows appear to value special effects over storyline and acting?

‘The Returned’ is a wonderful show with incredible acting.   To put it quite simply – how would you react if your deceased brother or sister of 5 years suddenly showed up on your doorstep – looking and acting exactly as they did the day before they died?   How would they respond to the news that you and your parents buried them 5 years ago?   What would society do?

Don’t let the subtitles scare you off – if you don’t give this show a try you’ll never know just how good television can be when people actually care about what they produce.



Looking for a good read… well I’ve got a couple of new books for you!

If you’re in to apocalyptic thrillers then check out the sidebar on the right.

Ferryman has been out for a few months.   If stories of viruses and survival gets your blood flowing, then this one will surely get you puckered up.

Eleven Till Midnight just came out.   If a dash of SciFi on some home-cooked horror get you salivating, then break out the knife and fork because I’ve got a steaming hot plate for you.

It’s been too long.   Time to start raising some hairs again.   Until we meet on the page.  J/W



Genetic Monster Invades Pet Store

Genetic Monster Invades Pet Store

Demanding lots of love and a 35lb bag of Kongs… J/W


Giant Dog…

Giant Dog...

Giant dog swoops into pet store and demands lots of love and a 35lb case of Kongs…. J/W


The Mayan Calendar…

Wow!    Will it’s the 21st.    I guess I can un-pucker my butt and climb out of my hole.   J/W


Help me to understand…please!

Okay now I consider myself a fairly intelligent guy – so why am I having so much trouble understanding simple economics.    What am I talking about?    Well let me explain… and be patient with me as I’m typing this after a few too many glasses of wine.    My wife and I watch several shows like ‘House Hunters International’ where some well-off foreigner is looking to buy some hobble in a  second or third world country.    What makes me scratch my head and ponder the question that leads to this post is – why on earth, could a run down, no internal plumbing, barely standing, shack, in some small underprivileged village cost upwards of $200K.     I mean this same place, mind you I’m not talking about ocean front property, would cost between 20 and 60K here in the United States.   How can it demand so much money in any country that isn’t defined as the most prosperous, well-to-do and economically well-off place to live in the world?   Is it that the locals are taking advantage of dim-witted foreigners who define any place without running water as exotic?   Have we lost our marbles?    Or have I?    Please tell me what in the “h” “e” double hocky sticks is going on?    Looking for answers among the mist of ill-conceived ideas…  J/W



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