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Yahoo News… Proof that everybody poops.

This morning, Yahoo news sported an article discussing the possible causes for the recent explosion in seismic activity around Oklahoma.

From the article “The seismicity rate in Oklahoma is about 600 times greater than it was before 2008, around the time dewatering started in the state. Just last year, 585 magnitude 3+ earthquakes hit Oklahoma — compared with 109 in 2013.”

Unless I’ve forgotten something about math, I believe they meant to say either: ‘6 times greater’ or ‘600 percent greater’. 600 times greater would have meant they had around 65,000 magnitude 3+ earthquakes last year. Yikes!

That’s further proof that no one is perfect. Not only did the writer miss the mistake, but so did the editor.

Live free and enjoy life! J/W


Help me to understand…please!

Okay now I consider myself a fairly intelligent guy – so why am I having so much trouble understanding simple economics.    What am I talking about?    Well let me explain… and be patient with me as I’m typing this after a few too many glasses of wine.    My wife and I watch several shows like ‘House Hunters International’ where some well-off foreigner is looking to buy some hobble in a  second or third world country.    What makes me scratch my head and ponder the question that leads to this post is – why on earth, could a run down, no internal plumbing, barely standing, shack, in some small underprivileged village cost upwards of $200K.     I mean this same place, mind you I’m not talking about ocean front property, would cost between 20 and 60K here in the United States.   How can it demand so much money in any country that isn’t defined as the most prosperous, well-to-do and economically well-off place to live in the world?   Is it that the locals are taking advantage of dim-witted foreigners who define any place without running water as exotic?   Have we lost our marbles?    Or have I?    Please tell me what in the “h” “e” double hocky sticks is going on?    Looking for answers among the mist of ill-conceived ideas…  J/W


What’s with that…

Why is it that everytime I come to “lane ending – merge” sign on the road, everybody pulls into the lane that’s ending?



The last of my pet peeves….

Most of you probably feel that I’ve just about worn out this topic.    With that said, here’s the fifth and last of my top five pet peeves.

It seems that every morning I experience at least one car driving with its brights on.    Now I know that there have been advances in headlight technology, and I know that sometimes you’ll see a car with a “wandering eye” where one headlight has been knocked off kilter and is aimed directly at on-coming traffic.    Other times people may forget that they have their brights on.    But still there remain clear cases where some idiots simply don’t care that they’re blinding on-coming cars, and if you flash them (just in case they forgot that their brights were on) they not only leave their brights on, but also hit their driving lights as well.    This “beef” is focused directly on them.

I’m going to take the high road here and assume these “people” aren’t malevolent or overly self-involved.   I’m going to assume that they’re just stupid.    I’m going to assume that if I can teach my dog not to eat his own shit, that these idiots can eventually learn that people who flash their brights at them, are doing so to indicate that the on-coming glare of a high-beam aimed directly at their face is making it hard for them to see the road.    Hopefully over time, these “people” will evolve into intelligent human beings who can comprehend the intent of such non-verbal communication.    Hopefully over time, they’ll learn to respond by dimming down to their low beams.   Or if by chance they’re already on low beams, my hope is that they’ll understand that they may have their headlights aimed too high and get them adjusted at a local shop.

And for god’s sake, if you’re stopped in front of a house on a dark street to pick someone up, you should only have your parking lights on, or worst case - your low beams.    Rest assured that if you have your high beams on, any on-coming traffic won’t be able to see you open the door to get out or see your friend run across the street to get in.

It’s not just a matter of courtesy; it’s a matter of safety.    Until next time, don’t go toward the light.  J/W


Pet-peeve number 4….

Drum roll please.   It’s time to unveil number 4 on my top five list of pet peeves.    Okay, so if you’ve been following my blog there’s no real excitement here – you already know what I’m going to talk about.    Or do you?    To keep things interesting I’m going to disclose number 4 in an ingenious code of my own design.    See if you can figure out what I’m talking about before you get to the end.   Of course if you want to cheat – you can always jump back to my post dated 2/6/08 and see who’s number 4 on my list.   But then where’s the fun in that.

1. It’s got to be the number one reason why corporate America isn’t very productive.

2. It’s proof positive that presentation is the only thing rewarded on the job – substance can be thrown out the window.

3. Everyone except those who love to hear their own voice hate these.

4. It’s the greatest source of self-censorship with regards to thinking outside the box.

5. It can be either a mandated venue to reinforce the reality that only one person’s opinion counts, or it can be an excuse for no one to make a decision (you take your pick and yes, they are mutually exclusive).

6. It’s the perfect opportunity for a little daydreaming.

7. It’s a formal custom that has long-since outlived its usefulness.

8. It’s the only thing that management can claim as a reason to keep their job.

I’m sure you could add volumes yourself, but then we wouldn’t be much better than what we despise.    Of course I’m talking about meetings.    Ever notice how the most unproductive person you’ve ever worked with seems to schedule meetings all day long?    Me – I don’t need a meeting to diddle around and waste time.    That’s why I have my blog.

Until next time, somebody please… board up the Board Room.   J/W


Pet Peeve #3…..

I meant to post this a few days back, but then I saw a couple of good movies and had to write reviews on them.    Then yesterday I got to thinking about my childhood and how I could fabricate it into the song ‘The Night Chicago Died’.    I hope you understand why I’m a little late in carrying through on my promise….

Wake up people!    Why would you let me off that easy?    Okay, I understand that my posts aren’t life changing.    In fact a lot of you probably don’t care what I write about.    So I guess I can understand your empathy of my position.     After all my tardiness hasn’t actually hurt anyone or cost anyone any money.

As a nation, we have a history of being very forgiving of those who have wronged us.    Another nation goes to war with us – we spend our blood to defeat them and then our money to rebuild them.      A man robs 2 banks (no violence extended) and then uses the defense that it was the only way to put food on his table – so we let him off with a slap on the wrist and 3 years probation (this is factual).  

We’re also a nation that’s big on taking the high road when it comes to helping those who refuse to help themselves.     A hurricane devastates a coastal region and our government writes blank checks to those in “need”.     Instead of turning to family, savings or sweat to help themselves – checks are cashed and government sponsored “temporary” lodging abused.     But still we feel that our efforts are not good enough – so we complain that the government didn’t act fast enough.     It saddens me to think about what some people expect out of the government when those same people don’t want to pay taxes to support the government.    Wasn’t there some old saying about there’s no free ride….

See my complaint here is our growing national acceptance for people who refuse to take responsibility for their own life.     We should help those in need.     But at the same time, those in need should help themselves.      I saw a show the other night about a church leader who wanted to provide a home for his family (wife and 4 or 5 children).     His income rested with the contributions of church patronage, while his wife brought home a meager paycheck from teaching school part time.     They wanted to move out of this rattrap house they were renting and into a 4-5 bedroom, 2-½ bath brand spanking new house.     Only problem was their credit rating wouldn’t qualify them.     When they heard the news their expression was one of shock and denial.    How could that be!     They wanted a real home even though they had absolutely zilch for a down payment.     (Personally I had to wonder why they had so many kids if they couldn’t afford them – but I know some people feel that it’s their God given right to pump out as many pups as they can)      So do they wait and save money for a down payment?     Of course not – that wouldn’t be the American way.     Instead they turn to the church patronage and get them to fork over enough cash for the down payment.    To be honest – I don’t know how they could look at themselves in the mirror.

But as I said, we’re a nation hell-bent on helping the greedy needy – especially those who won’t help themselves.    Until next time, if you find yourself in need, first look to what you can do to right the situation yourself before you stick your hand out.   J/W


My Pet Peeves – Cell Phones….

Number two on my list is one that’s close to the heart for many of you.    That contrived piece of foldable plastic that does everything except go to the bathroom for you – the cell phone.   For sake of simplicity, when I refer to cell phones I’m talking about any of the recent barrage of handheld technological wonders: iPods, Blackberries, Dingleberries, Chocolate, Lip Smackers… anything that acts as a phone, camera, web browser, music player, video player, GPS, music identifier…

Why do I hate these so much?    Simply because they’re a waste of research and development.    To put it more concisely – they simply aren’t needed.    They serve no benefit… at all!   Why don’t the conglomerates put that cash and brainpower to better use – like finding a cure for cancer or AIDS?   I can already hear the arguments springing from your mouth as I write:

1. What if I’m in a car wreck and need to call for help?   Hey, if you can’t drive a car safely then maybe you shouldn’t be driving.   By the way, how many vehicle accidents are caused each year because some bozo is trying to carry on a meeting while he’s behind the wheel of 2-ton giver of death and mass destruction.
2. But I want to be able to look up the best prices for different crap while I’m out walking the mall.   Hey, if you can afford the average $100 a month bill for that piece of plastic in your purse then you really shouldn’t have to worry about paying a dollar more for that CD or pair of pumps.
3. I like to use the camera to show my coworkers my vacation photos.   Hey, come on… do you think they really give a damn.
4. But I like to listen to my downloaded music.   What.   What!    Hey!   Take off those damn earphones and listen up.    If you don’t want to interact with the others out on the street – then stay home and listen to your music.

I must admit that two things have come to light since all this worthless technology came about. 

The first is that it points out just how rude and obnoxious people can really be.    How many times have you been in a meeting or a movie theater or nice restaurant and someone’s cell goes off.   First, it shouldn’t be on – anything otherwise is just plain rude.   Second, if they do take the call – it should be a short ‘Can’t talk now’ and hang up.    But we all know too well that’s never the case.

The second thing, and one that I find truly amazing, is the marketing job done by the makers of this technology.    Bravo!    Somehow, they’ve convinced the vast majority of people that they can’t live without this technology.    And most people buy into it.    They actually believe there is value to be gained by spending that monthly $100.      Apparently they don’t have to work as hard as I do to earn a $100.

Until next time, go ahead and let the hate mail fly – I’ll be too busy talking on my cell to give a damn.   J/W



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