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Free horror and paranormal romance for those who dare….

Hi Everyone,

It’s almost over but there’s still time to get Kindle versions of two of my books ‘Eleven Till Midnight’ and ‘The Secret’ for FREE.    Time runs out at midnight on the 30th.   I’m hoping that a few of you might give them a try and post a review.

‘Eleven Till Midnight’ is dark horror at its best.

An atmospheric anomaly felt simultaneously around the world causes a brief disruption in communication and electrical service. After a tense moment everything appears to return to normal. That is until a metaphysical change begins to slowly emerge in everyone. First come glimpses of alternate lives, dreams of different pasts and potential futures so real that they conjure feelings and memories that extend well beyond the moment. But visions of the familiar are only the initial symptoms of the transformation. Minor hemorrhaging signals the onset of the final stage – an awakening to merging realities that is quickly followed by a violent and inexplicable death. As man’s reign comes to a horrifying close, our primary characters must cope with the visions of what could have been as they spend their final moments in a desperate fight to reunite with those they love.

‘The Secret’ is a light-hearted paranormal romance that leaves you with a smile.

Vince Campbell isn’t like other recent college graduates. While they hit the bars on Friday night, he loads up his Civic with ‘Have you seen this girl’ posters and heads out to neighboring towns and states. While they mingle on the dance floor, he searches shelters and morgues. While other guys are looking for a one-night stand, he thinks of only one girl. His entire life: past, present and future, could be summed up as a relentless search that began the night of the Sadie Hawkins Christmas dance during his senior year in high school. That was the night that Katrina Watson vanished without a trace in the labyrinth behind the old Thornton mansion. That was the night a part of him died.

The only lead the cops ever had in Kat’s disappearance was the reference in her diary to some secret she intended to share with Vince the night she vanished. Only one problem – no one had any idea what that secret might be. Not even Vince.

According to urban legend, Kat wasn’t the labyrinth’s first victim. It took the Thornton’s twin boys over a hundred years ago. What kind of mind designs a three-dimensional labyrinth? How can the perfectly trimmed grass and hedges that line its paths never need tending too? Why was the stone wall around it, built to keep people out? Could Kat’s secret have shed any light on the mystery, and more importantly, did it have anything to do with the disappearance of Vince Campbell himself some five years later?

CLICK THE BOOK COVERS TO THE RIGHT AND GO TO THE KINDLE VERSIONS.   Please give them a try and let me know what you think.    I look forward to chats with you here on LibraryThing.   Jonathon Wise


Looking for a good read… well I’ve got a couple of new books for you!

If you’re in to apocalyptic thrillers then check out the sidebar on the right.

Ferryman has been out for a few months.   If stories of viruses and survival gets your blood flowing, then this one will surely get you puckered up.

Eleven Till Midnight just came out.   If a dash of SciFi on some home-cooked horror get you salivating, then break out the knife and fork because I’ve got a steaming hot plate for you.

It’s been too long.   Time to start raising some hairs again.   Until we meet on the page.  J/W




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